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What’s Growing With Tom: Closing the Vegetable Bed

Our vegetable garden has been producing vegetables all season long, but it just can’t last. The cool air is moving in making it feel like fall.

Joel Clifton from joins us this week to talk about the steps to close it up.

He says the first step is to clear out the plants. They may be productive right now, but we just need to clear the beds and make sure we have bare soil.

It takes time but we harvest a lot! Key thing is to leave all of the Dairy Doo we can in the bed.

That was easy enough. Well, our harvest looks pretty good. I know the carrots look a little stubby but they’re still good carrots, you can still eat them.

Once it’s down to bare soil, we can add Dairy Doo compost.

It’ll activate the biology bacteria and fungi and get those ready for next spring.

We are also going to put down some Healthy Garden and this is going to help add fertility to the garden for next spring.

Joel says to put down as much Dairy Doo as it takes to cover a half an inch, which is about the depth of your fingernail. And we should put down about two pounds for every hundred square foot.

Why is healthy garden so important?

A healthy garden is an excellent source of organic fertility. It’s got nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, all of the micronutrients needed to build up healthy plants. Since we pulled out some of the nutrients of from this bed with this year’s crop, we want some there for next year.

We don’t want to close it but it’s that time of year. With more cold coming, we’ll have to take care of the flower garden and that’s coming next week.


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