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Golf for Vets Scramble at LochenHeath Golf Club

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You can soon play a round of golf and give a helping hand to veterans in need.

Next Wednesday, Veterans In Crisis is hosting their third annual Golf for Vets scramble at LochenHeath Golf Club near Traverse City.

It’s their largest fundraiser of the year.

Veterans in crisis is a volunteer group that helps veterans with unforeseen needs, such as replacing a water heater or building a wheelchair ramp.

On average, they help four to five veterans a month in 21 northern Michigan counties.

This fundraiser will allow them the keep doing that for the next year with a quick response.

“We’re not like the VA, where you have to go through paperwork, prove your eligibility, all of those things.  It could be 90 day, 100 days.  By then, the guy or the gal could be virtually more downtrodden than perhaps they already are,” said David Mikowski, Chairman.

The Golf for Vets tournament is Wednesday, September 23 at LochenHeath.

Tuesday is the last day to register online, but you can also do that at the clubhouse beginning at 8 a.m. the day of the tournament.

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