Rudyard Middle School Announcers Go Viral

Last Friday’s Rudyard-Cedarville 8-player football game played at Cedarville caught the eye of the sports world thanks to the rainy, muddy and snowy conditions the game was played in.

Rudyard Teenage Announcers Pkg4It also gained attention because of the young announcers calling the game.

Rudyard middle schoolers Steven Kirschner and Jarrett Smith were in their first week of calling the action on the Rudyard Bulldog Bulletin Facebook page’s live stream. Little did they know that their announcing would help the game go viral.

“It was really muddy. It’s hard to tell who was who,” Smith said. “Eventually we just figured out the Cedarville players. The Rudyard players we all know. That’s who we figured out who was who.”

Kirschner and Smith got the idea to start announcing games when the two attended a Rudyard volleyball match.

“So it was cold out, and the rest of our friends went out to play football. We just stayed in,” Smith said. “We’re just talking to each other about it with a fake microphone and then Steven’s dad works in the electronic or mechatronic department here at Rudyard. We asked them if we could do it and they said yes and that’s how we got into it.”

The two are honing their craft when at home in front their televisions.Rudyard Teenage Announcers Pkg3

“Lately, my dad has been turning the volume off on the TV and making me announce for him,” Kirschner said.

“My dad makes me write notes on my phone during games, so I know what to say,” added Smith.

The boys are continuing to call games on the Rudyard Bulldog Bulletin Facebook page, and if all goes well in high school, they could see themselves pursuing a career in sports broadcasting.

For now, the two friends are simply enjoying the game.

“It’s been lots of fun just announcing the season with my buddy Jarrett,” Kirschner said.

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