Great Lakes Eight Names 2020 All-Conference Teams

The Great Lakes Eight Conference has announced its 2020 East Division and all-conference teams.

Teams of the Year: Powers North Central, Cedarville
Coach of the Year: Scott Barr, Cedarville
Offensive Player of the Year: Luke Gorzinski, Powers North Central
Defensive Player of the Year: Grant Fountain, Cedarville
Kicker of the Year: Kyle Frusti, Superior Central

Great Lakes Eight All-Conference Team
Luke Gorzinski, So., Quarterback – Powers North Central
Kyle Frusti, Sr., Quarterback – Superior Central
Grant Fountain, Sr., Running Back – Cedarville
Mason Harris, Sr., Running Back – Brimley
Micah Bailey, Sr., Running Back – Pickford
Wyatt Smith, Sr., Offensive Lineman – Rapid River
Nicholas Nance, Sr., Offensive Lineman – Engadine
Josh Newell, Sr., Offensive Lineman – Cedarville
Eric Huyck, Sr., Offensive Lineman – Pickford
Fabion Chartier, Sr., Offensive Lineman – Powers North Central
Eric Edwards, Jr., Wide Receiver – Newberry
Ian Gorzinski, Sr., Wide Receiver – Powers North Central
Louie Mayer, Sr., Wide Receiver – Rudyard
EJ Suggitt, Jr., Hybrid Offense – Rudyard
Grant Fountain, Sr., Linebacker – Cedarville
Griffin Flath, Sr., Linebacker – Rapid River
Micah Bailey, Sr., Linebacker – Pickford
Luke Gorzinski, So., Linebacker – Powers North Central
Tommy Showers, Sr., Defensive End – Crystal Falls Forest Park
Michael Fairchild, Sr., Defensive End – Cedarville
Joseph Soccia, Sr., Defensive End – Pickford
Wyatt Riley, Sr., Defensive End – Powers North Central
Logan Depew, Sr., Defensive Back – Newberry
Dominic Bonnee, Sr., Defensive Back – Pickford
Bailey Hiltz, Sr., Defensive Back – Cedarville
Ian Gorzinski, Sr., Defensive Back – Powers North Central
Ivan Oswald, Sr., Defensive Lineman – Newberry
Josh Newell, Sr., Defensive Lineman – Cedarville
Eric Huyck, Sr., Defensive Lineman – Pickford
Carter Eichmeir, Sr., Defensive Lineman – Powers North Central
Gabe Scarlassara, Sr., Hybrid Defender – Crystal Falls Forest Park
All-East Division Team
Mason Harris, Sr., Brimley
Brandon Pomeroy, Sr., Brimley
Caleb Lipponen, Jr., Brimley
Gary LaPine, Sr., Brimley
Grant Fountain, Sr., Cedarville
Trevor Norris, Sr., Cedarville
Josh Newell, Sr., Cedarville
Caleb Kohlmann, Sr., Cedarville
Bailey Hiltz, Sr., Cedarville
Nicholas Nance ,Sr., Engadine
Matthias Miller, Jr., Engadine
Micah Bailey, Pickford
Dominic Bonnee, Sr., Pickford
Eric Huyck, Sr., Pickford
Hayden Taylor, Sr., Pickford
Kyle Rounds, Sr., Pickford
Joseph Socia, Sr., Pickford
Louie Mayer, Sr., Rudyard
EJ Suggitt, Jr., Rudyard
Austin Warner, Jr., Rudyard
Cam Peterson, Fr., Rudyard
Bryce Lundquist, Sr., Rapid River
Damyn Smith, Jr., Rapid River
Wyatt Smith, Sr., Rapid River
Parker Dausey, Sr., Rapid River
Griffin Flath, Sr., Rapid River
Max Lenaker, Sr., Rapid River
Kyle Frusti, Sr., Superior Central
James Maki, Sr., Superior Central
Teams of the Year: Cedarville, Pickford and Rapid River
Honorable Mention
Brimley: Dominic Morrison, Colin Hopper
Cedarville: Jay Freel, Aiden Ondrus
Engadine: Drew French, Aaron Buss
Pickford: Josh Sullivan, Nate Greenfield
Rapid River: Ismael Hernandez, Ben Leuaker
Rudyard: Tate Besteman, Austin Davis
Superior Central: Parker Maki, Zach Frusti

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