Rudyard Remains Hopeful for Postseason Return

RUDYARD – The Rudyard volleyball program is one of five area teams that have had their seasons put on hold following new restrictions from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

After picking up another regional championship last week, Rudyard was set to face Carney-Nadeau in a Division 4 state quarterfinal on Tuesday.

The MHSAA Representative Council is set to meet Wednesday to develop a plan in hopes of concluding the three remaining fall sports tournaments.

For now, Rudyard and its seven seniors are hoping to get the go-ahead in three weeks to begin preparing again for the quarterfinals.

“I have seven seniors on my team and I know all the emotions that they’re probably feeling,” Rudyard coach Amanda Reid said. “I reached out to them and made sure they’re feeling okay, too. They’re obviously a little sad and a little hesitant to do this in three weeks. But I don’t blame them. I was a senior once. I get it. We’re very hopeful and as soon as we get the ready to go to practice, we’re ready.”

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