Triem Takes Over Frankfort Baseball Program

FRANKFORT – When the Frankfort baseball team takes to the field in the spring, it will be under the direction of first-year coach Travis Triem.

Triem takes over for Derek Jackson who stepped down from in November.New Frankfort Bsb Coach Vo.transfer

A former collegiate baseball player, the Triem previously coached at the youth and Little League levels and will embark on his first high school coaching position with Frankfort.

“It means the world to me,” Triem said. “Growing up as a kid, you know anyone that would ask me what do you want to do when you’re a grown up and it was be a Major League Baseball player. And they were like, well if that doesn’t happen what would you do then and it was I would love to coach. So, getting the opportunity here in Frankfort to do that it was very humbling, but I was very honored. I’m going to give it everything I got for these kids and this program and I’m extremely excited.”

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