WATCH: Johannesburg-Lewiston Football Gets Creative with Non-contact Conditioning

JOHANNESBURG – Remaining playoff football teams got the go-ahead to practice on Monday and Tuesday ahead of their testing on Wednesday.

The MHSAA released guidelines saying those first two practices needed to be non-contact conditioning and drills.

With all the snow northern Michigan has gotten and the ability to only practice outside, teams had to get creative.

Johannesburg-Lewiston, who is awaiting their Division 8 regional final in a couple weeks, made the two days of non-contact count with fun, snowy workouts.

The first day, they ran the football field and dove onto tackling dummies. On day two, the used sleds, dragging each other to get their conditioning in.

Head coach Joe Smokevitch commented that the workouts were tough but ones the kids would never forget.

The Cardinals face Iron Mountain on January 9.

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