Baldwin Alum Childress Publishes Recruiting Book

Baldwin alum and former Ferris State football player Ira Childress recently published a book in hope of helping student-athletes and their families during the recruiting process.

Childress is currently an athletic director at Gulliver Prep in Miami, Fla., and he has worked with Ferris State University and the NCAA.

In April 2020, MiSportsNow talked with Childress about his advice for recruiting during a pandemic, as student-athletes attempt to catch the eyes of college coaches.

“Recruiting is a science. There’s a science to it. There’s some art to it but it’s really a science and there’s a process to being recruited,” Childress said. “There’s a process to what you are being recruited and breaking it down and understanding what school will be the best fit athletically and academically. I was getting questions from all over the country, so I wanted to put something together to help the masses out there.”

Childress’ book can be found at this link: