Johannesburg-Lewiston Readies for First Regional Since 2012

JOHANNESBURG – The Cardinals have kept an unblemished record so far this season, winning every game but one by 30-plus points.

Over the last few seasons they have been in playoff contention, but the 2020-2021 season marks the farthest they’ve made it in the postseason since 2012.

“They’re ready to play. I mean it’s been long time, what Nov. 13 since the last time they played a football game? You know, so they’re excited to get rolling,” head coach Joe Smokevitch said. “We’re gonna go up there and play our best game and you know if we win we win, and if we lose, you know, did we give our best effort is what I’m asking for.”

So far in the playoffs, which have stretched over three months, Johannesburg-Lewiston took down Alcona 49-16, Beal City 28-21, and picked up the forfeit win from Frankfort.

“We can’t wait to get back and start our run again,” Johannesburg-Lewiston senior Tommy Runyan said. “I mean the delay slowed us down but it didn’t stop us and we’re still gonna be chugging along.”

They face Iron Mountain (7-2), a semifinalist last year, on Saturday at 5 pm at the Superior Dome.

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