McBain Gets Creative at Practice, Ready for Competition

McBAIN – Winter contact sports, like basketball, have been able to practice for the last couple weeks as long as they are socially distanced and have no contact.

That has presented a challenge in drills and training ahead of the first competition, which is set to start on February 21.

Teams, like McBain girls basketball have adjusted and stayed as positive as much as they can.

“We really all just want to play and get back at it but there’s nothing we can really do about it we just have to take it and roll with it,” said senior Emma Boonstra.  “It’s just always focusing on there’s going to be a time where we’re going to play,” she added.
With basketball having a lot of contact within practice, the Ramblers have gotten creative to still be able to work on their skills. They’ve played volleyball with exercise balls and even taken a day to go sledding to get their workout in.
“It’s actually a lot of hours behind the scenes to think of new and creative things,” said head coach Drew Bronkema. “I know a lot of people are trying to do fun things, but we’re trying to do things out of the ordinary. But it’s great once we get going to hear the kids laugh and smile and hang out together because when the bad news has hit, the morale kind of dips, but these fun, goofy things bring the morale back up.”
Despit the fun they’ve been able to have, McBain, along with many other teams across the state, are ready to take the court officially for the season.
“We have a lot of talent on this team and if we put our minds where our talent is, we should be pretty unstoppable,” said senior Olyvia Nederhood. “Not to talk ourselves up, but we have a very good chance of doing good things this year.”
Last year the Ramblers went 13-8 and made it to the first round of districts. A new, adjusted schedule has yet to be released.
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