Volleyball Returns to Practice, Cadillac Preps for Birch Run

CADILLAC – Last week, the MHSAA announced that volleyball and swimming and diving could return to practice on Monday, as long as the remaining teams were part of the pilot program of rapid testing put forth by the MDHHS.

Since the initial epidemic order in mid-November, volleyball teams had only had two practices up until January 4.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a season so far for all fall sports, with many starts and restarts, but their seems to be an end in sight with the testing program in place.

Teams had to do one round of testing and have negative results before they could practice. This was the case for Cadillac.

“Everybody’s good,” said head coach Michelle Brines. “So I’m feeling more confident this time that the end of the 6 months we’re finally able to finish this hopefully. ”

Cadillac is still one of 32 teams in the running for a state title, making it to the quarterfinals for the first time since 2017.

Since they’ve known who they were going to play since November, they’ve essentially been preparing and planning for the game ever since.

“Now it’s just kind of like refreshing it and playing the game,” said Coach Brines. “We’re going to have to go into with the understanding that we’re going to make mistakes, we’re not fresh at the end of the season where everything was rolling along we’re going to have to work the rust off, as are they, as is everybody.”

They have just over a week to practice, but they say they are ready to get back to work and confident heading into the game.

“I think if we keep practicing after a couple of days it will come back,” said senior Macy Brown.

“It feels really good because I want to finish and I think we have a good shot of going far,” added senior Renee Brines.

Cadillac plays Birch Run at Alma on January 12 at 6 pm.

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