Let Them Play Group Files Lawsuit Against MDHHS

The Let Them Play group filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and pushing the state to lift its ban on high school indoor contact winter sports.

The group’s lawyer, Pete Ruddell, says the lawsuit cites six constitutional violations by the MDHHS.

“The best result would be if court action were not necessary,” Ruddell said. “Unfortunately, we were forced to file the complaint this morning. We hoped to file yesterday. We had a few I’s to dot and T’s to cross and it was best to wait a little bit longer to make sure the product was as perfect as it could be.”

Currently, competitive cheerleading, basketball, wrestling and hockey cannot compete at the high school level.

Tuesday’s press conference and lawsuit filing comes days after the Let Them Play group held at rally at the State Capitol over the weekend.

Many area teams made the trip down to Lansing to show their support of high school contact sports resuming.

Clare senior Bailey Taylor was one of the student-athletes to speak at Saturday’s rally.

“It’s not just a sport, and that gets said a lot to us, ‘Oh it’s just a sport, you have next year.’ Not everyone does,” she said. “High school is four years. You don’t have all that time. People don’t always get to go to college to play, so just being able to spend that time, some prime years of your high school experience and it’s a lot more than sports. It’s the responsibility, the relationships, the loyalty to a team you learn so many life lessons just by playing sports it’s more than just the athletic component.”


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