Rogers City Makes the Move to 8-Player

Rogers City will become the next northern Michigan high school football program to make the switch from 11-player to 8-player this fall.

The school elected to drop down to 8-player, citing a decline in school enrollment and a lack of a JV team and youth programs last year.

The Hurons were originally set to join the Northern Michigan Football League Legacy Division this year after going 2-5 in their final season in the North Star League.

“I felt bad for the new league that we were going to join for 11-man football that this announcement came so late, but those ADs have all been so supportive of the decision we were going to make,” Rogers City athletic director Karl Grambau said. “The problem is trying to find a schedule for 8-man when football schedules are done so much in advance. If you had a map of Michigan and if you put dots by the schools we’re scheduled to play next year, oh my gosh, we’ll be the road warriors.”

Rogers City will play an independent schedule that includes just two home games in 2021.

The Hurons are set to kick off their season at Brethren on Saturday, Aug. 28.

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