Rudyard’s Hall Picks Up 100th Win

RUDYARD – One high school senior has been wrestling since he was five-years-old.

He put in a lot of hard work over that time, including through high school, which helped him reach a milestone on Saturday.

Rudyard’s Bradley Hall finished his junior season last year 4th best in the state at 103 lbs in Division Four.

He is currently ranked second in the state, where he ended the season with 99 career wins.

Saturday was his first match of this season, and he won in the second round with a pin, giving him that 100th career win.

“It’s all mental,” said Hall. “Don’t let the other wrestler get into your head and just go out there, it doesn’t matter how good he is, you can still win that match.”

“A couple months ago, we didn’t know that this would even take place,” said Brad Hall, his father and assistant coach for the team. “Definitely it’s an honor and I’m very proud of him.”

His overall record so far is 100-16.


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