Frankfort’s Townsend Hoping to Defend State Title

FRANKFORT – Back in 2019 Frankfort freshman Tara Townsend reached a huge accomplishment.

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Frankfort’s Townsend Hoping to Defend State Title

She won the individual state title for pole vaulting.

She did this alongside her older sister, who was a senior and placed in the top five.

Townsend has also already broken school records, but defending her title was something she was looking forward to in the 2020 season.

However, with COVID-19 cancelling spring sports a year ago, she didn’t get that chance to defend her title.

A setback and disappointment, but now she’s back and more than ready to make a run again.

“It was kind of just like ‘ugh I don’t know if I can do this’, it’s hard and it’s a whole other year, said Townsend. “It was working out as much as I could Saturday’s and Wednesday’s I think. Just a lot of work with my dad and my brother just working for that goal, hopefully this year.”

Townsend is on her way to getting back to that point, with Frankfort competing in their first meet last week.

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