Ogemaw Heights, CMU Alum Alex Rose Ready For Olympics After Delay

GRAND RAPIDS – After COVID-19 delayed the 2020 Olympics last summer, it was a big hit to athletes around the world.

That includes northern Michigan native Alex Rose.

Rose is now set to compete in this year’s Summer Games for Samoa in the discus.

“At the time we didn’t know if the delay would take place or if it was just going to be cancelled outright,” said Rose, while practicing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. “It put things into perspective, I had been training for this ever since I picked up the discus.”

The delay became a huge disappointment for Olympians all over, having to wait another year to compete in Japan.

Plus, with COVID-19 concerns still prevalent, there is still uncertainty the Games will still happen this summer.

“Seems like there’s a new article every week with rumors of cancellations or something like that, but I just take it as a positive that every week that passes by they are still planning on being hosted so things are looking good right now.”

As of now, the Tokyo Games are still on.

However, with the delay, Rose used it to his advantage.

“I had a surgery in September and now seven months later, I am throwing further than I ever have before,” said Rose. “It’s been phenomenal. I broke the Samoa national record three weeks ago right here actually in the ring behind me and I’m currently ranked second in the world so things are going very very well.”


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He has been able to compete since March, traveling all around the United States. He still has a few more competitions left, including one in Europe before leaving for Japan in July.

New protocols and restrictions will be in place amid the coronavirus crisis.

“They have strict COVID protocol with procedures including an app on your phone that as soon as you come in contact within six feet of the other person that also has the app, it pings you as part of their bubble so if something happens they have a really easy way of contact tracing when you’re in the village,” added Rose.

Also, no foreign spectators are allowed, which means Rose’s family will not be able to attend like they planned.

However, he says he is still ready to showcase his skills in front of the world and is so excited to be back throwing competitively again.

“Being able to be in the ring and compete has been an extremely fun experience, I’m probably having the most fun now in my career that I ever have,” Rose said.

He will be competing July 30-31.

To help support Rose, you can check out his Instagram page, where there is t-shirt sales at the link in his bio.

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