Szymoniak Ready to Get Gaylord Back on Track

GAYLORD – The Gaylord football program will have a new head coach this fall as DJ Szymoniak takes over the reins.

Szymoniak has been involved with Gaylord’s program since 2006, most recently assisting with the youth and middle school programs.

After going a combined 3-13 over the last two years, Szymoniak’s goal is to get the Blue Devils back on track and starting off on the right foot this offseason.

“Continue to focus on academics, number one, and then number two, this offseason, we’re going to get into the weight room and get after it. A lot of work to be done there,” Szymoniak said. I know there’s future plans in expanding that thing for us. Getting us more room. A lot of exciting things happening within the program, consistent with the blue collar mentality that Gaylord has always had.”

Gaylord is set to kick off its 2021 season at home against Lake Fenton.

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