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What’s Growing With Tom: Time to Plant

With all the recent warmth and humidity, I felt it was time to start planting the raised beds.

Even with the chance of frost still in the picture, I decided to roll the dice and get things in the ground.

The good thing is we are using seeds for lettuce, green beans, and potatoes that are growing. So, I’m not worried about a frost as they will still be underground.

Since we are planting seeds, Justin says we need to use Seed Starter 101 since Veggie Doo 301 is a bit strong for seeds. This is what he says “So there’s just a little too much nutrient in there, so what we want to do is take the Seed Starter 101, okay. And I tell people it’s kind of like a child, you’ll start the child off on the right foot with the right nutrition organics, etc.”

It goes putting down 101, seed then more Seed Starter 101. Planting the seeds is easy and is done in just a few minutes.

Here comes the risky part.. planting our transplants!  If there’s a frost this week, odds are they won’t make it.

Justin brought Dave Coveyou from Coveyou Scenic Market in Petoskey to give his advice.

Dave has been gardening for decades and has this recommendation:  “So here I’ve laid out on the north side of my bed, your tomatoes are gonna be the tall ones, followed by peppers in the middle with their little bit shorter, and then upfront with the smaller stature plants.” This way the plants get enough sun during the late summer months to continue growing.

He says you can plant the tomatoes deep since they have a good root system. We also are putting in summer squash, peppers, broccoli, and onions.

So, this week all I need to watch out for is frost. Next week, we are back out here putting in the flowers…. and they are special flowers. Details are coming next week.