Marion Freshman Braden Prielipp Breaks School’s High Jump Record

MARION — Marion freshman Braden Prielipp is already making track and field history in his first year, after breaking the school’s high jump record earlier this month at track meet at Brethren.

Img 7462And the milestone is even more special for Braden, with the record previously being held by his dad Jeremy Prielipp, who set the high jump record at 6-.04.25 in 1996.

Braden surpassed his dad with a jump of 6-foot-4and a half and then set the bar even higher, jumping an impressive 6-foot-6.

“I didn’t really think I was gonna break it this year, but then I just started jumping really high and the week before I jumped there and jumped 6-foot-3 and it was cool because it was my dad’s record,” Braden Prielipp said.

“I probably tried like 15, 20 times and then he goes out and does it the very first time,” Jeremy Prielipp said. “Every time he gets a little higher, I just think to myself, I don’t know how he’s doing it. We go to basketball games and it’s up on the board, and I’m still up there you know, so they’ll only have to change one name right.”

After nailing a 6-foot-5 jump at the regional finals meet, Braden secured the number 1 seed in the Division 4 state finals meet, which takes place in Hudsonville on June 5.


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