T.C. West’s Schermerhorn Twins Push Each Other to Success

TRAVERSE CITY – Siblings tend to have a lot in common, especially twins. That holds true for the Schermerhorn twins, a pair of juniors at Traverse City West.

Sara and Mike Schermerhorn are both three-sport athletes for the Titans, and in the classroom, that success continues with both students named to the honor roll.

Sara plays volleyball and basketball, while Mike plays football and hockey. The two join forces in the spring to compete in track and field.

“I mean we are pretty competitive with each other,” Sara said. “I think we just have fun with it, like making fun of each other but supporting each other at the same time.”

In April, Sara competed in the 200-meter in track for the first time. She not only completed the race successfully, but she broke the school’s record.

“I found out later on the bus. I didn’t have any clue I was close to it, so it was a nice surprise,” she said.

Mike also had great success on the ice this past season, earning all-state honors. He also made Team Michigan, competing against other state teams a few weeks ago.

“That was a pretty great accomplishment, and I was honored to receive that,” Mike said.

At the end of the day, their accomplishments help push each other to succeed even more.

“I mean we still sometimes work out together and play one-on-one, which is fun,” Sara said.

“Definitely when we get our test scores back, there’s a lot of trash talking,” Mike added with some laughs.

A fun friendship and sibling rivalry at the same time, one that goes beyond the athletic field.

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