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What’s Growing With Tom: Taking Care of the Trees

Everything takes time to grow, whether it be in hot weather or cold. Over the last few years, we’ve planted a Cherry and Apple tree around Heritage House.

Just like our garden, they need to be taken care of.

And just like last year, we are putting down Tree and Shrub Doo, even though it doesn’t look like it needs it, but why?

This is what Justin says: “You’re feeding the soil, which will feed the roots. This will have gypsum in there which is calcium, sulfur, this will have Tennessee brown rock in there which is a mineral. There are over 50 different minerals in Tennessee brown rock we put that in there that helps with the phosphorus, of course, the trees love phosphorus. So what you want to do when you put this down, is just like we’re doing kind of like a mulch, and then think of the drip line of the tree being right here. Yeah, you don’t want to go out past it maybe a foot because, think of the roots, they’re gonna continue to get bigger underneath there, and you want to just keep ahead of it so you can keep feeding it so it can produce the fruit that we’re looking for”

Make sure you spread it around outside the dripline of the tree and don’t cover the base of the tree. The bump of the tree should be kept free but otherwise, put a few inches over the area.

We’ll do the same for the apple tree, but we do have another option. It’s called Fruit Blaster! Justin says there’s fulvic acid, liquid carbon, and kelp in there… all organic. This will help bring up immunity.

Key thing is you don’t water with it. You just spray it up and down, criss-cross a few times and that’s it, every few weeks.

We can’t forget about the beetle issue we’ve had the last few years.  It’s a beetle trap placed at least 30 feet away from the trees. The beetles go to the attractant rather than our trees. Last year we had bags full of beetles, so we’ll see how things go this year.

Our trees are doing well so time to move on and check out the flower garden.