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What’s Growing With Tom: Checking on the Vegetables

BURR.. What a day Northern Michigan! It was a frosty start in Cadillac and for several other areas around Northern Michigan.

So today, we are out at the vegetable beds checking on how the plants did last night.

The broccoli, lettuce, onions, and tomato plants all look ok. I’m only concerned about the peppers. It looks like the cold air hurt some of the leaves.

So, what’s the best course of action to keep things looking good?

Justin recommends to keep using Healthy Garden. It’s great long-term fertilizer to keep the plants strong. Their liquid option is Veggie Blaster and takes the nutrients right to the plants quickly. This might be a good idea for the peppers since they look a little hurt and need help now.

If you use Veggie Blaster, Justin says don’t water it in:” Make sure you have like more of a figurine style, so you’re just doing it as a food across there, not necessarily just don’t hold the water on there, but no more than like a couple of seconds.”

We know nothing’s ready for harvest quite yet, but we’re gonna get there in another month or so.

Let’s just hope the cold air doesn’t make a return until Fall!