Ferris State Hosts Michigan Football Showcase

BIG RAPIDS — Ferris State hosted the Michigan Football Showcase for the first time on Thursday, with more than 600 high school football players and 200 college coaches in attendance.

On top of working on drills at camp, the players had a chance to listen to 19 coaches speak, including Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and Michigan State’s Mel Tucker, who were both excited to be in attendance.

“We haven’t had this in a long time,” Tucker said. “It’s a great feeling of camaraderie. Really great energy and enthusiasm.”

“I think you feel it from everybody,” Harbaugh said. “Coaches you haven’t seen in a long time and players, meeting new ones and seeing ones, just coming to a camp. It’s been a long time. It’s nice to feel back to more normal.”

Central Michigan head coach Jim McElwain was also in attendance and spoke to the players.

“Last night, laying in bed, I couldn’t sleep because it was the first time we’re able to get out, get to see a bunch of people,” McElwain said. “And obviously the kids, for them to get out and run around and do some things, it’s just fantastic.”

On top of the coaches in attendance, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner also came to the camp as a motivational speaker. His son was also attending the camp, which made it more special to tell the story about his journey from working in a grocery store to the NFL.

“(My son’s) looking at me like every other kid, ‘Dad, I want to go to the top division. I want to go to this or that.’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe that’s not your journey, but that doesn’t mean the dream has to die there.’ The unfortunate thing is you can say that to your kid so much and they still look at you and go, ‘Oh yeah, but that’s still dad,'” Warner said. “But I think as he’s seen some of this stuff, he’s grabbed little bits from my story and I believe those will be some of things that will end up shaping him wherever he goes. Whatever happens in his life.”