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What’s Growing With Tom: 1st Check on the Flower Bed

Hello, Northern Michigan we’re at the flower garden! Theo Medendorp from Morgan Composting joined me at the raised bed. Theo brought a hanging basket and it’s looking great. The question is how do they keep it looking so nice?

Theo says “we have a couple of options, and a couple of ways we keep them looking good, we have a pretty, pretty strict feeding schedule. We have a liquid recipe that we put together and feed through our irrigation and one of the main ingredients is Bloom Blaster.

How does Bloom Blaster make a difference?

Theo says the extra phosphorus, kelp, and fulvic acid make a difference in helping the soil feed the plant. Bloom blaster is not something you soak in the soil. You just give it a quick spray and that’s it. So 1 bottle will last a while.

Normally, our flower garden has annuals but this year is a little different. We planted perennials specifically made for our pollinators like bees and hummingbirds.

Bloom Blaster is a great option and you spray it much like the hanging basket. The other option is Healthy Garden. It’s a granulated fertilizer.  Theo says Healthy Garden is his favorite fertilizer and they usually aim for about a teaspoon in the hanging baskets, every other week.

If you have Flower Doo 201, it’s not required. It’s already there. It’s what we use in our raised flower bed.  You might need to add some late in the season but right now our flowers are on track.  Even without many blooms, we don’t need to worry. Most won’t bloom for another 3-6 weeks. All we can do now is wait and let them grow.