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What’s Growing With Tom: Food Plot – Part2

Last week was all about prepping the plot area for the seed.

We tilled it up, put down Food Plot Doo, and tilled again making sure the Doo got deep into the soil.

Now, we are deciding on what seed to use.

Justin says to make sure you use a mix.  Deer want a variation of food to eat… like we do. They don’t want pizza every night!

“Yeah, so, you know, this is all kind of goes everybody comes in and say you know what should I put in my food plot for seed. You know I like, you know how we worked here we got the pH right, we got the soil right we got the fertility right, and now the seeds important. Yeah, all that took place.
Now the seed could do what it needs without the nutrient need so we’re, we’re over that phase one, phase two, the seed, I think is important. Depending on the size of the food plot you have. So if you have a small food plot, you have a lot of deer, you need something like the Morgan big buck, or our new one this year is a grazing brassica and the grazing brassica is a brassicas which your, your turnips, your radishes, and it allows it to be chewed on, and it continues to grow through where a lot of brassicas don’t like to be chewed on. That kind gets stunted down a little bit so this is a grazing brassica it’s a new seed that we have this year, and it can be put in planted in a small area.”

After making our choice, grandpa spreads down the seed using the Plotmaster.

The Plotmaster also makes sure the seed gets solid contact with the dirt. This is key to make sure the seeds grow.

Another option is to use a hand spreader over your plot. Just make sure you rake it over assuring good seed to soil contact.

Our plot is fairly small but still takes time to do all the work. It took us about an hour and a half, but it’s all set.

Now, all we have to do is wait for more rain and warmth for things to grow!