NorthShore Volleyball Club Sends Four Teams to Nationals

The NorthShore Volleyball Club sent four teams to the national tournaments in Orlando, Florida this past week.

NorthShore’s 16-yea-old team placed 9th out of 187 teams in the tournament after going 11-1. All four teams finished in the top 60.

The team said the toughest part was adjusting to a four-day tournament instead of just a two-day tournament.

“Both mentally and physically it’s exhausting like being around each other for that long gets to be a lot and playing that much volleyball, it’s a lot,” said Natalie Bourdo. “It adds up, especially because we’re used to the two-day tournaments, not the four-day.”

“I think our team just gets along so well like we’ve bonded over the past year we’ve played together. And just the communication we have and we’re able to work so well together,” said Phoebe Humphrey.

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