Charlevoix Girls Golf Team Meets Jack Nicklaus

CHARLEVOIX — The Charlevoix girls golf team got quite the surprise when they showed up to their first practice a couple weeks ago when they met golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

Through a connection with Rayders’ assistant coach, Jack Nicklaus happened to be in Charlevoix and the girls team met him before starting their practice round.

“For sure it was a thrill for me. 100 percent,” Charlevoix coach Kristine Burmeister said. “And I think there was a couple girls that knew they were in the presence of greatness and then the other ones were just along for the ride and are happy to pick up any of that good luck dust he’s throwing around.”

While some girls admit they’re a little too young to really know much about Nicklaus, others say they heard all about him from their parents growing up.

“I’ve watched some of his clips and on tv and stuff just because my parents, my dad is a big golf fan,” Emma Meadows said.

“My dad’s always been a good golfer, like a great golfer, so he’s always talked about him growing up. So it was kind of a really surreal moment to meet him,” Kyle O’Leary said.


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