Pickford Football Gives Back to Community, Raises Money

PICKFORD – This football season, the Pickford Panthers decided to raise money for their program’s equipment by giving back to the community with the Adopt-a-Square fundraiser.

The fundraiser allows community members to buy a square worth between $1-100. In return, the Pickford football team will do the community service listed next to that square.

“There’s a bunch of things that we’re going to do as a team for the community to pay back to the people that gave us money for the equipment,” Pickford assistant coach Dan Rye said. “We’re going to deliver some meals to some elderly people. We’re going to give 15 hours of community service to the township. 15 hours of community service to the school, which is this bleacher project. And there will be more.”

The team will also read to the younger grades in the Pickford community. There’s more information on how to purchase a square on the Pickford Public Schools Facebook page.

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