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What’s Growing With Tom: Checking on the Food Plot

We planted the food plot more than a month ago so it was time for check in.

I must say it grew fast and incredibly thick. It’s something every hunter wants to see in a plot.

When we first started working this area, the soil really wasn’t quite right being so sandy, much like much of Northern Michigan.

Over the years, a combination of putting down lime and adding Food Plot Doo really made a difference.

Of course, this year we had plenty of water and heat to help it grow but I’m confident the soil made a difference.

There’s not much more we can do to this plot but Justin does have suggestions for those plots not in as good as shape.

He says they have Forage Blaster and Alpha Blaster. Each one is custom to work with what you have planted.

They are liquid applications so you see the change quickly.

Looking around the plot, one really appreciates how much it’s changed over the years.

The fact we don’t have ferns is the big thing. It’s telling us the soil is balanced so the plants are going to keep growing nicely.

And that will result in a healthy plot for the deer, so we hope to show you incredible pics from our trail camera later this year.