Gladwin’s Anna Seebeck Makes School History on the Football Field

GLADWIN – Junior Anna Seebeck has become a volleyball, soccer and basketball star at Gladwin High School, but playing three sports wasn’t enough and she decided her next challenge would be football.

“I started to practice during the summer and then I realized it was an option and I started doing it and got pretty good and now here I am. I go to volleyball right after school and then after that I run right our of there, throw my football stuff on, come out here and kick for a little bit and then go home and do it all the next day,” said Seebeck.

In the team’s season opener against Chippewa Hills, she came in for an extra point. She knocked it through the uprights with ease, becoming the first female football player to score a point in Gladwin history.

“I felt a lot of pressure,” Seebeck said. “And I got out there and I told myself, ‘It’s just like any other kick.’ Took my steps and when it went through, it was really good feeling. It was like all my work kind of paid off. Running off that field and getting a lot of support on the sideline, it was awesome.”

At first she was nervous, but the support from the rest of the players and coaches has been extremely positive.

“I do feel like I’m a part of the team and one of the guys,” she said. “It was a little bit scary, but I do feel like a part of the team now.”

Seebeck said she hopes to be an example for future female athletes.

“I hope there’s another girl out there who feels like maybe she can do something that maybe not a lot of other girls do, whether it be football or sometimes hockey or anything else like that,” she said. “I just want to be kind of an inspiration to people who maybe knew it wasn’t possible.”

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