2021 Ski Valley All-Conference Teams

The Ski Valley Conference has released its 2021 football all-conference teams.

Central Lake quarterback Brayden Steenwyck was named the Ski Valley Conference Player of the Year while Mason Blumke of Inland Lakes earned the conference’s Offensive Player of the Year honors. Grant Blumke of Inland Lakes was named the Defensive Player of the Year.

Brayden Steenwyck, Central Lake
Offensive Skill
Grant Blumke, Inland Lakes
Hudson Decker, Onaway
Isaiah Crawford, Pellston
Garrett Cameron, Pellston
Jamal Cebulski, Central Lake
Offensive Line
Zach Prodan, Inland Lakes
Nevin Thompson, Inland Lakes
Noah Hill, Gaylord St. Mary
Defensive Line
Jake Willey, Inland Lakes
Ethan Landon, Pellston
Logan Cherry, Gaylord St. Mary
Grant Blumke, Inland Lakes
Garrett Cameron, Pellston
Dillon Croff, Gaylord St. Mary
Defensive Back
Sam Mayer, Inland Lakes
Gavin Bebble, Gaylord St. Mary
Daniel Smith, Gaylord St. Mary
Ethan Landon, Pellston
Special Teams Player
Kenny Crawford, Pellston
At-Large Selection
Mason Blumke, Inland Lakes
Honorable Mention
Jake McGee (QB) – Forest Area, Gavin Bebble (QB) – Gaylord St. Mary, Evan Pearson (Skill) – Bellaire, Payton Teuthorn (Skill) – Inland Lakes, Gavin Green (Skill) – Onaway, Donovan Blust (Skill) – Gaylord St. Mary, Kelan Pletcher (Skill) – Central Lake, Garrison Barrett (Skill) – Central Lake, Drayten Evans (Skill) – Central Lake, Cole Robinson (OL) – Bellaire, Sir-Xavier Navoni (OL) – Forest Area, Aiden Klungle (OL) – Pellston, Quentin Baeckeroot (DL) – Bellaire, Dylan Layman (DL) – Inland Lakes, Matthew Kovalcsik (DL) – Forest Area, Sam Daily (DL) – Pellston, Garrett Purdy (DL) – Central Lake, Justin Becmer (Linebacker) – Bellaire, Justin Kramer-St Germain (Linebacker) – Onaway, Rich Aluague (DB) – Onaway, Connor Campbell – Bellaire, Chris Mathia – Forest Area, Will Kline – Pellston, Daniel Powers – Gaylord St. Mary, Austin Brege – Inland Lakes

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