North Ed Career Tech Holds Coaching Certification Clinic

TRAVERSE CITY — The Northwest Education Services Career Tech hosted a coaching certification clinic on Thursday with staff from the MHSAA. Twenty-six students participated in the first part of the three-part Coaches Advancement Program, or CAP.

“We’re always looking for the edge in how we can put our students out in front of other students. By offering them a credential from the MHSAA that’s needed in order to be a varsity coach in the state of Michigan? What a better way to do that,” North Ed Services Assistant Superintendent Patrick Lamb said.

A 2016 law requires any new MHSAA coaching hires to have a CAP certification. The students that participated in Thursday’s part one can take part two in March and then take a test to earn their coaching certification.

“We want to make sure that the coaches that come into the program are ready to coach with the best information behind them and give them some support,” MHSAA presenter Dave Beyer said.