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What’s Growing With Tom: Checking on the Established Apple Tree

With the heat of summer already here, it’s important to talk about our trees.

We planted an apple tree last week, but today we are talking about the one we planted years ago!

I don’t weed it as often as I should.  Only a few times a year and it is important for it to grow.

The reason is to make sure all the nutrients are going to the tree and not weeds and grasses.

Our tree is already a little under stress with some yellow growth on it, along with a few tent caterpillars.

In addition, we always are concerned about the beetles we see every year. They tend to really create problems by eating a lot of the leaves.

Justin recommends to keep using the Tree and Shrub Doo or use Fruit Blaster, their liquid application.

That’s simply applied by spraying the tree with it for a few seconds in a criss-cross direction.

We are using the Tree and Shrub by simply spreading it around the base of the tree and spreading it out just past the end of the branches.

It takes a few minutes to do all the work but it pays off in the years to come.