Elk Rapids, Ferris State Alum Cole Walker Enjoying Success Overseas

In 2020, Cole Walker had his college basketball career come to an early and abrupt end due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He had success at Ferris State, including helping them win a national championship in 2018, but he decided to not pursue a basketball career overseas.

That changed this past year.

Walker had a change of heart and played basketball in Germany, leading his team in scoring and rebounding this season. Walker said his decision to play overseas has led to a great experience.

“It’s all Germans except for we had one other American from Florida and me and a guy from Sweden,” Walker said. “Once I was in college, I mean you’re playing for five years every single day, you get a little burnt out. So I thought I was going to be ready to be done. I graduated, I went to work. I kind of regretted not going right away so I took the chance when I had it.”

Walker was part of the senior class that tied the record for the most wins in program history at Ferris State.