Lake Superior State University Holds Memorial For Beloved Hockey Equipment Manager

The Lake Superior State University hockey team, and the university as a whole, lost a beloved member this past weekend.

On Tuesday outside of the Norris Center, family, coaches, friends, co-workers and students alike held a memorial for Wes DeJong Jr., who passed away unexpectedly Saturday night. He would have turned 29 years old this Sunday.

Wes was the equipment manager for Laker hockey for 12 years, but he was much more than that. He loved everything about LSSU.

There were stories about how he would stay after hours to help out in other departments, stories about his love for hockey and life, and his love for work. To Wes, however, it really wasn’t work.

“I would ask all of us here today and us impacted by Wes, to leave inspired by the way Wes lived his life and all the way we knew him to fight, claw and battle through adversity and the challenges he had through his life,” said Lake Superior State head hockey coach Damon Whitten. “To serve others and to put your team, your family, your business, your school first ahead of your own needs and desires. To follow your passion so you never work a day in your life as Wes was able to do. And lastly, as we leave, later on, to make sure the world has a little more Wes to it.”