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What’s Growing With Tom: Checking on the Food Plot

A couple of weeks ago we planted the food plot for the fall.

We put down lime, Food Plot Doo, tilled the soil, and then planted the seed.

The timing was great with showers coming every so often, really allowing the plot to grow!

Justin says” The Food Plot Doo is performing, you know, like we talk about with the minerals in there and stuff. You know, we’re doing more than just growing a crop right now. We’re actually putting minerals in the soil to get the root minerals and then we get the plant minerals and the deer will get minerals, too. So the fawns and all the bucks, of course, will get that mineral what we’re looking for, are healthy.”

There are radishes, brassica, clover, and a lot more types of food for the deer and it smells incredible!

“Yeah. And as hunters, you know, I mean, we smell it. And as a hunter, you know how well a deer nose is, right? I mean, they can smell way better than us. Again, attracting deer to our location. Just the aroma of this is right. Is incredible. Right now. So. But it looks good. You know, we got the rains. Thank you for that, Tom. You know, we appreciate that.”

I can’t take credit for the rain, but I’m just glad it came.

While it looks great now we want to make sure it holds on into the hunting season.

Justin says you can use Alpha Blaster or Forage Blaster.  They are 2 liquid options to help the plot if it starts yellowing.

Alpha Blaster is used for the Brasssica’s and Forage Blaster helps out heavy feeders like corn or grasses.

We didn’t put anything down as it looks like the plot should be good through the season.