Charlevoix Hopes to Use Numbers to Their Advantage

CHARLEVOIX — The Charlevoix football team went 8-2 in 2021 but lost in the district playoffs for a third straight season. The Rayders hope to see the program go further as they add more players to the roster.

“The program’s grown quite a bit over the past three years,” said Charlevoix head coach Don Jess. “You know, we started at 27 kids. [We] now are up to 45 for the whole program.”

From what Jess has seen during practice, he is feeling confident in his offensive and defensive lines, plus the young players who are now on varsity.

“We got a lot of younger guys that are stepping up and filling big roles,” said Charlevoix senior Patrick Sterrett.

The first game of the season for Charlevoix will be the Sports Overtime Game of the Week on August 26th at East Jordan.

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