Cheboygan Native Adam Nightingale Takes Over MSU Hockey Program: “We’re going to talk about playing smart, fast and hard.”

EAST LANSING – Adam Nightingale was named the eighth head hockey coach in Michigan State history earlier this summer.

Now, he’s looking to establish a new culture and team identity as he prepares for year one.

“When you come into the rink to watch Spartan hockey there should be a clear identity. We’re going to talk about playing smart, fast and hard. I think that can go a lot of different ways,” Nightingale said. “You can tie into smart [as] playing disciplined, smart with the puck, smart without the puck. You want to play the game fast. It’s a very fast game and it keeps getting faster and faster. And then hard, you’ve got to get to the inside offensively and then defensively be great in front of your net. So that’ll be really important for us when we’re starting here is establishing our identity.”

Nightingale worked as a head coach with the United States National Development Program for the past two  years. Before that, he worked as an assistant coach with the Detroit Red Wings for two years. In total, he has four years of NHL coaching experience.

The Cheboygan native began his collegiate career as a player at Lake Superior State before finishing it with the Spartans in the mid-2000s.