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What’s Growing With Tom: Harvesting the Veggies

It’s the end of the season and it’s time to harvest the veggies!

We are not taking everything out but most of what’s left. Over the last few months, we’ve harvested plenty of green beans, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The raised beds were great producers again but it’s about time to close things down.

Once we pick the beans off the plants we simply rip them out of the bed.

Next are the potatoes and we can’t wait to see how big they got.

“Look at that – wow! So if anybody asks if you can grow potatoes in raised beds, is was super easy, right? I mean, it didn’t take anything at all. No, we planted the seed potato. And then yeah, let it do it’s thing. Make sure we water it. And again we use the Vegetable 301 in here. Yep. You know when it gets started. Look at the size of these guys. Yeah.”

This bed is cleared out and now we need to get it ready for winter and next season.

Justin says you can go to Dairy Doo’s and figure out how much Dairy Doo you need to put back into your bed. This way the biology of Dairy Doo breaks down leftover plant tissue in the bed. That way next year’s plants will have some food to use.  In other words, mini compost beds.

Healthy Garden should be mixed in as well to keep all the nutrients up for next year.

It might be a dirty job but it doesn’t take long to do it and it makes things easy for next spring.