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What’s Growing With Tom: Last Look at Fertilizer

For our final segment of What’s Growing 2022, we are talking with Justin Morgan about farming and fertilizer.

Morgan composting does most of its work for large agriculture, in other words: farmers.

They cover 300,000 acres of Michigan and have seven sites across the state.

Working with individual farms and making a specialized blend of fertilizer for them is a lot of what they do.

This way the soil gets what it needs to produce some great food, and a lot of it.

Here at NanBop Farm at 9&10 News, we’re already ahead of schedule as we’ve put down a specialty blend for next year.

When’s the best time to put down fertilizer?

Justin says “You know, and honestly, you know, as farmers, you know, we still farm 1300 acres at the farm there. And it’s important. Timing is key for farmers. You know, there’s not an ever enough time in the day. We always were working all the time. So if the fall allows us to get this spread, I always tell guys spread in the fall.”

This is very similar to what we did in the raised beds when we closed them down last week. So, the leftover leaves and plant debris breaks down for the plants to use next year.

And next year, we hope to have another great season with incredible vegetables!