Farwell Enjoying Unbeaten Season Through Obstacles

FARWELL – The Farwell Eagles come into Friday night’s game against Central Lake with a perfect 7-0 record this season.

It’s the Eagles first season in 8-player football and they’ve overcome several obstacles to get to this point.

“We lost our starting safety,” said head coach Travis Waddell. “Week three we lost a starting guard. Week six we lost our other starting guard and our starting nose guard. And then last week we lost our fullback and our our starting defensive end.”

Injuries have ravaged the Farwell team this season, but the Eagles have found a way to keep winning with young players stepping up and others changing positions.

“I started out at fullback and then I went to guard and then other guys had to move down and switch positions,” said senior Calvin Linton.

“Seeing some kids that have never played before on starting positions, which is crazy because they’ve never touched a football in their life,” said senior Michael Nunn. “And they’re doing their job correctly because they know they have to for the benefit of our team.”

As an added kick to the teeth for the Eagles this season, even if they finish unbeaten they will not be able to qualify for the 8-player football playoffs. MHSAA rules require 8-player football teams to have enrollments of 215 students or less to qualify for the playoffs. Farwell’s student enrollment hovers closer to 230.

“Not being able to make the playoffs is something that we wish we could and we hope that that’s something that MHSAA looks at in the future,” said Waddell.

Yet the players, especially the seniors, are treating these last couple games as if they are the playoffs.

“We wanted to give the teams the hardest chance for them going to the playoffs,” said Linton. “We wanted them to remember us.”

“We might not have a playoff to get ready for but we sure will be getting ready as best as we can for these next two games and especially Central Lake,” said Nunn.

Farwell welcomes in Central Lake at 7 p.m. on Friday in our Sports Overtime Game of the Week.

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