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Rudyard Bulldogs take on Marion Eagles in football

A Saturday matinee in 8-man football as the 3rd ranked Marion Eagles in Division 2 travelled to Rudyard to battle the Bulldogs.

The first half consisted of a lot of big plays.

The first one.....Rudyard’s Cam Peterson back to pass...under a lot of pressure heaves the ball to Kallen Lawlor....he makes the catch and takes it in for the score.


The two point conversion is good.

After that, though, it was all Marion with the big plays and scoring.

Collin McCrimmon drops back to pass.

He launches the ball to a wide open Gavin’s a race to the end zone and he goes all the way for the 75 yard score.


The two point conversion is good.

At the five minute mark in the first quarter....Cole Meyer takes the hand off....he gets some solid blocks at the line of scrimmage and then turns on the jets and scores with the 53 yard run.

Eagles score again late in the first half on an 81 yard pass play to Meyer.

It was all Marion today....winning....42-8.

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