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Is snow coming?

As we head into the last days of October, you are starting to hear that “s” word more often.

The Western states have already dealt with their first major snowstorm, so when will it hit here?

This weekend does bring a small chance of some snow. Nothing big, but flakes are possible.


However, early next week the coldest air of the season so far pushes into Northern Michigan. This increases our chances of seeing the first snow of the season.

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Currently, the jet stream shows a deep trough moving in on Monday. This allows the cold air to flow into the area and drop our temperatures. With lake temperatures in the 50s and below-freezing temperatures at 5 thousand feet, lake effect is a sure bet!

This means lake effect rain and snow on Monday. If you are near the big lakes, the showers will be rain. If you are much farther inland and higher in elevation snow showers will be the story. Any accumulation looks minimal right now, but that could change. Tuesday or Halloween features a small system dropping some snow and rain.

The one thing still uncertain is the amount of snow you may see. During the nights, light coatings of snow are possible as temps drop into the 20s for many. However, temperatures will be above freezing during the day, so most of the snow will melt after reaching the ground.


Stay connected as we head into the weekend! The Doppler 9&10 Weather team will keep you updated on-air and online!

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