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Northern Lights expected tonight

Updated: 11:00 pm 11/30/2023

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Northern Lights: The skies are expected to be very active tonight as the earth gets hit with several CME’s. (Coronal Mass Ejections)

The 1st came off the sun on Sunday with a few more the following day. The later ones moving faster than the first thus merging before reaching Earth.


Space weather forecasters have upgraded the G2 Watch to a G3. This means we expect the CME’s to arrive with more power than initially thought.

As they reach the earth, the Northern Lights should have a strong response!

Viewing will be best over the Lower Peninsula simply because of some clouds in the U.P.

The 1st CME has arrived, but so far local reports have been very limited.


If you plan on heading out watch them, be sure you dress for the cold.

Temps will be in the 20s for most but with little wind.

Be sure to give your eyes 5-10 minutes to get used to the dark skies.

If you take pics, be sure to post them here:

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