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Unsolved: The Gregory McRoberts hit-and-run

Midland County deputies have spent more than three decades trying to solve a deadly hit-and-run.

Gregory McRoberts was killed while riding his bike on Dec. 12, 1991.

“Greg had some vehicle issues and had parked his vehicle at a local establishment along M-30 had gone home to make contact with his then fiancée and subsequently took his bicycle back to that establishment to apparently work on the vehicle,” explained Detective Brent Benzing.

“Ultimately, between Points A and B, that that is known to the perpetrator and the evidence that we have. But the evidence simply indicates that he was likely struck by a vehicle along the side of Meridian Road and his body then thrown into the ditch,” said Benzing.

Gregory was reported missing on Dec. 16. His body was found several weeks later on Jan. 4.

“There are some significantly deep west side ditches there that were water filled with dead trees and leaves and things of that nature that had, we believe, probably concealed the fact that the body was there, but located within close distance to the bicycle, was what we believe to be a debris field of the striking vehicle,” said Benzing.

The evidence at the scene indicated Gregory was the victim of a hit and run. Detectives narrowed down the vehicle involved as likely being a light blue Oldsmobile Cutlass built between 1982 and 1987.

“So there was lots of investigation, lots of rumor mills and things like that. Hit and runs are notoriously hard to solve, simply due to the mechanics of how the crimes take place,” said Benzing.

Then, in 2005, this case took a surprising turn as Gregory’s family received a two page typewritten anonymous letter from the person claiming to be responsible.

It reads in part: “That moment is etched on my memory and something inside of me also died knowing what had happened and the pain that I had caused,” ....To leave a son, wife and children alone is an unthinkably painful realization.”

“So the letter itself has been analyzed by three different statement analysis experts. We’ve also had other agencies that specialize in these types of investigations in terms of anonymous notes and written language and things like that,” said Benzing.

Now, thanks to advances in technology, detectives believe they may be closer than ever to solving this case.

“At this point in time, we have a significant direction analysis. A new DNA analysis has been done with new technology, and we absolutely believe that that will lead to an end for this case. Nothing’s going to bring Greg back. He was always killed in the prime of his life. All the things that he could have done and should have done and was going to be are no more. But I believe that gives a direction. And the thing that I’m excited about is that his children, his family members need that direction. In my personal opinion, it’s a direction for someone that ultimately they would like to forgive,” said Benzing.

If you have any information on who hit and killed Gregory McRoberts, contact the Midland County Sheriff’s Office at 989-839-4600.