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2024 DNR Wildfire Tactics Meeting

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On Tuesday, the DNR held it’s annual Tactics Meeting for wildfires in the Northern Lower Peninsula.

This is held every year to make sure the all the departments are on the same page for the upcoming wildfire season.

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Updates to fire mapping, fire zones, the Spring outlook, communications, air operations, UAS operations, equipment, and morew were all discussed in detail.


Our own Chief Meteorologist Tom O’Hare presented this year’s Spring Outlook to the group.

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The bad news is the forecast is for more of the same we’ve seen this winter: Mild/warm and on the dry side.

The DNR UAS’s (unmanned aircraft system) are impressive and can do a multitude of operations, whether it be helping fight fires, prescribed burns, or aerial mapping.

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Unfortunately, this year’s wildfire season has already started and expectations are it will be a very active season.

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