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The One Up XP Show - Episode 116: Hypercharge Unboxed, Digital Cybercherries

This week we take you back into Hypercharge: Unboxed! We have been playing this game for awhile now but they have some big news! It will be coming out for Xbox (Series X, Series S and One) May 31st! It is a wonderful game that pulls on that retro gaming nostalgia but also has amazing modern takes on the tower defense action figure toy based games! This game comes loaded with many different game modes including split screen or online co-op for the campaign.

We also sit down with Joe Henson of Digital Cybercherrries the company responsible for Hypercharge: Unboxed! We talk to him about the passion and love that has gone into this game, what it means to them for it releasing on Xbox and what is on the way for this game!


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