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Wellness Wednesday: Yoga in the Sky at Boyne Mountain

Lifestyle Reporter, Rachel Rademacher takes us to Skybridge Michigan at Boyne Mountain where you can now take a yoga class while enjoying the beautiful view. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the SkyBridge that spans 1,200-feet-long and 118-feet-high while taking time to move your body and rest your mind.

Yoga in the Sky is taught by yoga instructor, Aymey Kinney and it begins at the bottom of the slope where the group meets to take the hike up to the Skybridge before the class begins. It’s a great opportunity to meet other people in the community with a passion for wellness while getting some cardio and mindfulness in!

Rachel takes us up on the SkyBridge to give a sneak peek into what the class will look like and what you can look forward to.


Book your class here

  • Saturdays, June 29 - August 3 | 8:15 - 10:00am
  • $39 per Class
  • 30-minute Guided Hike up Boyne Mountain
  • 45-minute Guided Yoga Class on SkyBridge Michigan
  • Full-day access on SkyBridge Michigan and Scenic Chairlift on the date of class

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