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Vacation! Northern Michigan: Chimoski Bakery

If you find yourself in Sutton’s Bay this summer, you would be missing out if you did not pay a visit to the beloved Chimoski Bakery.

Tina Baker (Yes, that is her real name!) takes a lot of pride in her store, offering handmade delicious treats that will remind you of sitting at the kitchen table waiting impatiently for your mom’s pie to cool.

Like many of us here in Northern Michigan, the start of summer is synonymous with our favorite fruit being at peak season. Of course, I am referring to the Cherry.


But at Chimoski Bakery they take the cherry to a completely different level, making the best pies that Northern Michigan has to offer. All in celebration of our most popular crop. But Tina doesn’t stop at just pies, Chimoski Bakery also offers freshly made donuts, tarts, breads, and so much more. There is something for even the most critical taste buds to cherish at this local bakery, a staple of the Sutton’s Bay community and beyond.

For more information or to give it a taste for yourself, visit the Chimoski Bakery website or for updates visit the Chimoski Bakery Facebook page.

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